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JACOB GERUNGAN was my great grandfather.  Augustina Gerungan  was his eldest daughter. People used to see Augustina  accompanying her father on his inspection tours. They were riding on horseback on the best horses of the neighborhood.

Indeed Jacob was a  respected person. Son of a line of chiefs of  the “Toudano” area  coming down since the  beginning of the 17th century….

It was clear that Jacob Gerungan inherited the leadership and charisma of his grandfathers. The story was that in the late 18th century he had to organize clearing of the dense jungle around the Lake of Tondano. Every person who cleared a piece of land became the owner of that piece. And therefore personal ownership of land was introduced.  To do this job proper administration had to be made.  Therefore Jacob choose his eldest daughter. who had a beautiful handwriting. I was able to judge…

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